Located in Porto Martins, Praia da Vitória, in the beautifull Terceira Island, Açores, Waveyard Studio is run by Tiago Alves (ANOMALLY, HUMAN HATE) who have worked with several bands including Anomally, Human Hate, Deem Index, Palha D'Aço, Through The Silence and several others.

Waveyard Studio is specialised in Metal and Rock but can work with all genres and styles giving you the sound you want, making you proud of your song.

Equipped with professional gear, Waveyard Studio offers you several services, production, recording, mixing and mastering, and various editing and re-amping services.

Palha d'Aço
" Palha d'Aço is a Portuguese thrash metal band who has recorded 2 full length albums at Waveyard Studios. We can't speak highly enough of Tiago Alves. His experience, professionalism, technical expertise, and attention to detail has taken our sound to a level we didn't think was possible. It has been a true pleasure recording with Tiago and we will be back for a third! \m/ "

" Little studio, big sound! "

" Brilliant people brilliant sound. Highly recommended by Deem Index from the Netherlands! "


At Waveyard Studio you can get a full production, taking your demo or a scratch idea to a complete produced song, or you can just record the instruments you want according to your needs with professional gear and quality.

This is a crucial step for your production where your recordings will come to life. Waveyard Studio will take your song into a new level, providing them with the sound they deserve.

Waveyard Studio will make your master loud, wide and clear as possible without destroying your mixes, making you proud of your song.

Does your tracks need editing? Waveyard Studio can take care of them. Services like drum editing, guitars, bass or tunning vocals are available too.
Waveyard Studio offers you a service of re-amping, taking your recorded and unprocessed tracks (DI) and runnning it through high-end amplifiers, through a single or multiple mics and pres in order to achieve a massive wall of sound for your guitars or bass.


Pro Tools 2020
Apogee Ensemble
Antelope Discrete 8 Synergy Core

2x Rupert Neve 511
API 512C
2x CAPI VP26
SoundSkulptor MP573
Focusrite OctoPre MKII (8 Channel Pre)

2x Shure SM81
2x Shure SM57
Shure SM7B
2x AKG C214
2x Oktava MK-012-01
2x Audix D2
Audix D4
Audi D6
Sennheiser MD421

Genelec 8040B
Audio-Technica ATH M50 Studio Headphones
Shure SRH840 Headphones
Direct Sound Extreme Isolation EX-25 Headphones

GSSL Stereo Bus Compressor
TC Electronic Finalizer Express

Coutryman Type 85 DI
Radial JCR Reamp Box
Roland KD-9 Kick Pad

Mesa Boggie Triple Rectifier
Peavey 5150
SansAmp RBI
Mesa Boggie 2x12 Tradtional Cabinet (V30s)
Marshall 1960 4x12 Cabinet (G12-K100)

LTD EC-1000 (EMG 81/60)
LTD EC-407 (EMG 81-7/707)
Epiphone Prophecy Plus (EMG 81/85)
Epiphone Les Paul Goth (EMG 81/85)
Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass V (SD Quarter Pound Jazz Set)

Maxon OD808
Ibanez TS9
Boss DD-7
Boss NS-2
TC Electronic Polytune
TC Electronic G Major 2


PALHA D'AÇO - Juízo de Valor (2020)
Co-Produced / Engineered / Mixed / Mastered

BEWARE THE WOLF - Hunting Grounds (2020)
Produced / Engineered / Mixed / Mastered

DEEM INDEX - Mass//Minus (2020)
Mixed / Mastered

MORBID DEATH - One More Day (2019)
Produced / Engineered / Mixed / Mastered

CONDE - Flower (2019)
Edit / Mixed / Mastered

Morbid Death - Darkest Side Of Paradise cover (2019)
Produced / Engineered / Mixed / Mastered

HUMAN HATE - Human Hate (2017)
Produced / Engineered / Mixed / Mastered

PALHA D'AÇO - Sobreviver (2016)
Edit / Mixed / Mastered

DEEM INDEX - Vain//Void (2014)
Mixed / Mastered

THROUGH THE SILENCE - Debt Of Words (2014)
Produced / Engineered / Mixed / Mastered

HUMAN HATE - Cahpter 13 - "We Came For Blood" (2013)
Produced / Engineered / Mixed / Mastered

ANOMALLY- Unequal Rights [Morbid Death's Tribute] (2012)
Enginnered / Mixed / Mastered

Morbid Death | Anomally | Human Hate | Palha d'Aço | Deem Index | Through The Silence | Eyes For The Blind | Mufasa | Velvet Stone


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Tiago Alves